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Don't just work in your business..
work on your busines executive coaching in Missoula s

Next Step..

If your interest is piqued..

Let's sit down for45 minutes so we can both learn a bit more about each other.  The goal of this session is two-fold:

   1.  Does this fit with your business culture and your personal style?

              We look for leaders who recognize that both their lifestyle and their business 

              are works in progress and seek to improve both.

   2.  Do your business demographics fit our membership model?

             We are not a triage operation for impaired businesses.  Our members are profitable firms 

              that see the unique value in their peers' advice and experience allowing them to best 

              achieve their goals.

If that goes well..

 If we jointly decide to dig deeper, we'll then schedule a 60-90 minute "Trial One-to-One"  meeting.  There you'll experience first hand what our members  experience every month - a personal one-on-one discussion with our Chair  about your personal and professional goals, objectives, obstacles,  short and long term goals.  The end result will be a clearer  understanding of the best next steps that will improve your business.  

 At that point, if we jointly agree that there is merit to being a member - welcome to our group!

NOTE:  Not  all businesses fit into the Vistage peer advisory model.  Should  membership not be a fit for you at this time but you see value in  executive coaching, we offer a range of coaching, mentoring, and  consultative services for firms outside our Vistage membership.  Click  below to learn more.