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TRR Advisors LLC

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TRR Advisors LLC is the corporate entity representing Vistage in the Missoula, Montana regional area. In addition to operating the Vistage peer advisory group in Missoula, we offer a variety of business consulting services to non-member firms.  We use the same staff with the same experience and ability to add value to your business through mentoring, coaching, and business consulting.

In addition to CEO/executive coaching, leadership development

and business mentoring, we can provider a variety of other services including:

Business transition planning..

 Everyone will eventually leave their  business.  Regardless of how far away that is, you should be planning  for it now.  Whether it transfers to another family member, an employee or partner buy-out or an outright sale to a third party, a well  designed plan today will mean a more successful transaction later.  

Policies & Procedures Development

  In many businesses, managing growth comes  at the expense of documenting the evolving procedures needed to conduct  everyday business.  Staff turnover can create a retraining headache without properly documented operating procedures.  We will work with you  to define and document those procedures coupled with printed and/or digital training guides to insure new staff develops quickly and  effectively.

Is the haze from daily activity blurring your focus on more strategic plans?

 It may be time to stop kicking that can down the road and start moving the ball down the field.

We can make it happen..